Welcome to the home of online surface miner training meeting the full requirements of MSHA Part 46. Your required training has never been easier to take…right from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have access to a computer.

About Us

OSHA-Pros USA is an American Company that has served the safety and risk management industry for over four decades. Our consultants are degreed professionals and highly skilled. We perform our training on site in many cases, as well as supervising all the online courses that we present  We work with some of the most reputable organizations in the world to bring you the best in training opportunities. Our clients are companies you’d know such as Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Nestle, General Electric, Siemens, US Foods, Home Depot, the US Army and many others. We’ve partnered with several universities, too, in providing quality training and education.

About The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) is an agency of the United States Department of Labor. It was created in 1978, progressing from older agencies such as the Bureau of Mines and the Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration (MESA). The organization grew as laws such as the Federal Coal Mine Safety Act of 1952 and the Coal Mine Safety Act of 1968 brought broad based need for enforcement and regulation. Today, it administers the provisions of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 (Mine Act) to enforce compliance with mandatory safety and health standards as a means to eliminate fatal accidents, to reduce the frequency and severity of nonfatal accidents, to minimize health hazards, and to promote improved safety and health conditions in the nation’s mines.  MSHA carries out the mandates of the Mine Act at all mining and mineral processing operations in the United States, regardless of size, number of employees, commodity mined, or method of extraction

Our MSHA Surface Miner Training Programs

Our online MSHA Training for Surface Miners meets all stated training requirements put for by the Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) This means you’ll be getting the most up to date, current information. Because of our easy, online format, you can finish your training at your own pace. Some will finish in less than a week! Then you can download your certificate of completion instantly and present that on the job as proof of your compliance.

Have questions during your training? No problem! We have an EHS Trainer ready to answer your inquiries at any time. The courses are available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for maximum flexibility.

We offer two packages. both of which are mandatory at some time in your surface mining career.  Both are designed to be in compliance with MSHA’s Part 46 regulations. The overall goal, is to help you learn vital safety and protective procedures when working in mines.  MSHA requires that all miners take a safety training course that provide Part 46 topical content.

Enroll in your 8-Hour New Surface Miner Training Package MSHA Compliant

8 hours – $150.00

New Miners, will be directed to take the New Surface Miner Training Package, which is an 8 hour concentrated course. This MSHA Mining Training package contains 27 courses, including the required 8 hours for MSHA Part 46 compliance training. It introduces you to critical safety protocols and vital information you’ll need to work in your environment. Learn more about this package for new Surface Miner. Learn more about the mandatory miner training.



Surface Miner Annual Refresher Training Online MSHA Compliant

8 Hours – $150.00

MSHA Annual Refresher Training is a Mine Safety and Health Administration course to retrain miners based on the Title 30 CFR – Part 46 regulations and keep them safe and healthy against workplace hazards. The Surface Miner Training Renewal Package provides a similar 8 hours of concentrated coursework with the same 27 modules.  The course must be taken by any miner within 12 months of completing the above New Miner Training, and then annually after that.  Learn more about this mandatory miner training.